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Virtual Appointments

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Before your appointment time:


Download the free app from the app store to your smart phone, or if using a web browser (Chrome or Firefox) with web cam navigate to and create a free account.


At the time of your appointment:


  1. Station yourself in a quiet, private area where you cannot be overheard by others.  Be sure your television or radio is turned off. 

  2. Open the application.

  3. Enter the URL to access the virtual office.

  4. Enter your name to check in.

  5. In the Waiting Room, read the consent to Virtual Appointment information.

  6. The doctor will be with you shortly. 

  7. You may receive a text within the application before your appointment begins.


If technical difficulties interrupt the appointment, try to reconnect through the application.  If you are unable to connect, the doctor will contact you by phone to complete the appointment.

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